Microsoft Patch and VPN

Andrew Cunningham of Ars Technica reports on an emergency patch today from Microsoft for Windows 10 and 11, based on the patch (that is, update) from Jan 10.

The patch (update) had apparently interfered with VPN in some work-from-home setups necessitated during the pandemic. It is being offered now as an optional updates. People who don’t connect to an office or other network may not need the patch immediately.

(Posted Tuesday, January 24, 2021 at 9:30 AM EST by John W. Boushka)

Owning your own work, don’t take it for granted

Until the late 1990s, about the time “ordinary people” could start broadcasting themselves on the Internet, most stable employed people (or at least many) experienced “double lives”.

A lot of people created intellectual products of value in the workplace; and for about three decades or so, employment in mainframe computing tended to be pretty stable, with benefits (even with unpaid overtime for salaried people, and even without unionization). People often had lives where their families and personal activities, like very meaningful hobbies (like music) were avocational and separate from work.

But you left the job, or particularly got laid off or fired from it, you lost access immediately to the value you had created. This happened to me particularly on December 13, 2001 (93 days after 9/11) when I had my final IT layoff (then at age 58). I got a big severance and could retire and a family backup so it wasn’t as traumatic for me as for a lot of people. But actual access to the body of my work, which was considerable and in a way meaningful, was lost.

But I had written my first DADT book and was well on the way to making myself a minor public figure by my public participation on some issues, especially, at first, gays in the military (based on my own life experiences three decades before).

I’ve had absolute control of my content and its deployment since 1997. But even that attracts anger from the “Left”. Since I don’t need to raise funds or depend on other people or groups, I can give my own views more weight in final policy results. This may seem wrong in terms of the idea of “privilege” and social credit and seems related to critical theory. Although it is not subject to algorithmic manipulation, it still might be seen as a source of dangerous misinformation. That’s one reason for the downsizing of my web presence with many fewer sites in 2022. At one end, my participation in normal political activism for real injustice is eliminated or reduced, and if my behavior is replicated by many, it can hinder social justice and reform as many see it, and tend to encourage a certain soft fascism. At some point, people in my position need to be able to provide for others and see how their activities more directly benefit others.

(Posted: Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 9 PM EDT)

My 1998 lecture on my first DADT book (at Hamline University)

I wanted to offer here a 1998 lecture I gave on my first book at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. I had moved to Minneapolis at the start of September 1997, which I have discussed in other places.

The embedded video runs one hour but has an intermission for the Libertarian Party of Minnesota. It was presented on a cable channel in Minneapolis in March 1998..

Two remarks about the second half.

One is that if I had it to do over, I would talk about the Second Amendment specifically, and whether it is an “individual right” in an absolute sense (Heller case in DC).  You can subsume it as part of property rights or self-ownership, as there needs to be a fundamental right to defend one’s property of life. Of course, this is difficult today given many recent events.

The entire speech lays bare the culture wars over group rights, systemic racism, and the like.

Also the idea of self-defense as a fundamental right should have been discussed in my 1998 “Our Fundamental Rights” booklet.

When mentioning copyright in the second half, I should have noted that facts themselves cannot be copyrighted.

(Update: Thursday Feb. 3, 11 PM EST: The portion that connects my William and Mary expulsion in Nov. 1961 to the debate over gays in the military and “don’t ask don’t tell” appears from 42:34 and 49:40, about 7 minutes.)

(Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2021 at 11:30 PM by Joh W. Boushka)

Security flaw found in Safari

Many tech websites today are reporting a flaw in the Apple Safari web browser which allows it to open databases other than one controlled by a particular wesbite. The vulnerability would allow an attacker to look at Google account activity unknown to the visitor.

For example Lifehacker reports the problem here in an article today by Jake Peterson. It refers to a test site called Safari Leaks from FingerprintJS. If you go to that site, Trend Micro will block the site as dangerous (I guess it allows you to experiment).

Here is a similar story on Jioforme by Adam Bairstow.

The articles encourage users to be cautious using Safari right now on any Mac, either iOS on a smart phone or even on a MacBook.

(Posted Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 6 PM by John W Boushka)

Substitute teachers walk out in “day of absence” when needed to keep schools open

I used to work as a substitute teacher (2004-2007) and also grader, in northern Virginia. I’ve covered my controversial experiences in other posts before.

Substitute teachers did not need to have teaching licenses in Virginia, which was a surprise when I moved back to Virginia from Minnesota (which did) in 2003. It appears that Maryland does not, and the DC website says at the end that Washington DC does not (for the lower paid positions).

So I was somewhat impressed by the story of a DC subs “day of absence” in WJLA7.

True, pay is an issue. And now, subs have an issue with dealing with child safety with respect to public health (coronavirus) and, based on incidents around the country for the past decade and more, safety.

It’s all ironic to me, to say the least.

(Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2022 by John W. Boushka)

Annoying ads on

annoying ad for a long expired service

A couple days ago, when I was in (run by IBM, I thought), and I was trying to get the 10-day forecast for my location, I kept getting served an ad regarding the expiration of my McAfee services (that happened 15 years ago on another computer, as I went to other products (Webroot, for a long time). Now I have Trend Micro. But the best product tends to change every year. You have to keep up with it. (I’ve had Kaspersky before, but it is too connected to Vladimir Putin’s hairless-chested horseback rides.)

I was only able to get the ad to go away by blocking the ad site altogether.

(Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 11 PM EST, by John W. Boushka)

Technical Issue installing Jetpack 10.5 on some sites

Today, on each of my four WordPress blogs as well as on this one, I was invited to install Jetpack 10.5 as a plugin upgrade.

On this one this upgrade seemed to hang and spin, and when I tried to go to the site again I got interrupted with an “under maintenance” message.

About five minutes later it had finished and the site was available.

On the other four WordPress blogs on another host, I got a fatal error immediately and an email informing of a technical issue. But when I went back into the control panel each time, it had done the update and Jetpack 10.5 had been installed OK.

(Posted: Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 10 PM ESR)

So “Bill Boushka” has to go get small (as in “Downsizing”)

Today, the website “BillBoushka dot com” is supposed to have been removed by my hosting provider.  The “Bill Boushka dot me” that had served as a Google custom domain for a Blogger blog had been removed on Jan.3 when the Blogger sites were removed as part of my online downsizing as promised for the start of 2022.

The domain name (for .com) is supposed to remain mine until March 8, 2022.  I’ll come back to the possibility of reuse in a moment.

The downsizing had been “promised” in late February 2019 to take effect this year.  In early 2021 I had written a couple of posts (on the doaskdotellnotes blog) anticipating the continued use of the nickname “Bill” as a leading node on the remaining site and WordPress personal blog.  In the late summer, I determined that it would be much “safer” going forward to use only my legal name “JohnWBoushka” as a name in identifying nodes.  I won’t give all the rational right now, but visitors are likely to hear more about this issue in debates on Internet censorship policy (Section 230, and trademark law also) this year. There is likely to be more objection to domain or blog node hoarding as potentially denying opportunity to others (especially in a world so now concerned with equity).  I expect to have the conversion to the use of the legal name as completed by the early summer 2022. 

Because my books, as listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and on various other places, were written under the nickname/pseudonym “Bill” starting in 1997 (for good reason, as I needed a double life with the workplace then over conflict of interest concerns – even leading to a corporate transfer to Minneapolis in 1997 at the same time as the first book’s appearance), there still could be a reason to use the “bill” as a node out of business necessity.  In general, I would use the idea of a subdirectory or better a subdomain (“billboushka dot johnwboushka dot com) where a the “billboushka” space as a separate ip address and is connected by an appropriate coded A record.

Such necessity could come out of a pitchfest in NYC in late April this year (hopefully coronavirus has calmed down).  But it is possible that a “business only” second blog like “billboushka dot wordpress dot com” could become the most practical solution and that could be accomplished by connecting the domain name to WP with an appropriately coded A record(s).

But the general idea remains: “JohnWBoushka” (my true legal name) holds writings or videos about my own vides on things, generally non-commerically.  “doaskdotell” and any future use of the nickname “Bill” must be for “business use” only (like in the workplace generally), but supporting screenwriting efforts related to the books counts as business use because there is evidence of interest “out there”.

(Posted: Saturday, January 8, 2022 at 9 PM EST by John W Boushka)

My web presence downsizing event today

Holiday Road, Leesburg VA, Christmas Eve

Today, I have removed the sixteen blogs I had created on Bkogger in early 2006,

I have also marked the home page of the site with the former locations of the blog links, and noted other links that I consider obsolete but allowed to stay for now,

I have four other hosted WordPress blogs.  “Bill’s Media Commentary” and “Bill’s News Commentary” should remain available until about May 3, 2022 as matters stand now.  “Bill’s Media Reviews” and “Doasdotellnotes” may remain available until mid June 2022.  Posting on these blogs should continue until tax day, around April 15.

The end result by mid 2022 should be two sites: (1) A personal site in my legal name with a WordPress component and flat flies component, and “subdomains” or labels for my nickname within each, and a “business site”, the doaskdotell (name reserved through the end ios 2023) to support the books (and movie scripts derived therefrom), as well as music (make it performable and get it performed) and any possible startups (I do have one in mind).

I have saved XML backups of the 16 Blogger blogs, as well as image copies of the most important posts, and I will restore certain posts to the flat-files directories in the near future.

 have also started purging the YouTube channel (/jboushka) of the oldest low quality videos, those without names before 2014. 

The remaining WordPress blogs may occasionally (especially in the Media index) link to old Blogger posts, and these will not resolve. Obsolete doaskdotell media review links are being allowed to stay for the next few months so they will resolve from the WordPress blogs, as well as obsolete videos since 2014.

I have noticed that the WordPress Reader appears to repost only from blogs using the Gutenberg (not Classsoc) editor.  That means this blog and the Media Reviews (not the other two) should appear on the Reader for now.  The other two WordPress blogs are built with the Classic editor, although that could get pulled in 2022 and force going to Gutenberg (which I find slower to load).  Blogger had changed to a form of Gutenberg in mid 2020.

(Posted: Monday, January 3, 2022 at 5 PM RDT).