“Rise Against Hunger” volunteer experience (2 hours)

setup before the Rise Against Hunger session

Today, at the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC, in the renovated Fellowship Hall, we had a volunteer session putting together 10,000 food packages, as supervised and set up by an organization called Rise Against Hunger.

Rise Against Hunger video

The volunteers at tables, each a workstation with about 10 volunteers each to perform some task. I received the bags of rice, weighed them and adjusted the weight to fall within a prescribed range (about 380 grams).

two piano room FBC

Other people stamp-closed the bags, which went into the packages that then got boxed up.

We actually got it done in slightly over two hours.

Corridor, FBC Fellowship Hall

Larger events building care boxes have been held on the National Mall or in a space near the Tidal Basin in the past on some holiday weekend.

Working in an assembly line is a humbling “proletariat” experience.  Imagine living in China, living in a militarized dorm (right now with Covid restrictions) and doing maybe 60 hours a week of monotonous, regimented work, and being spot checked.  It sounds like “detail” in Army Basic.

(Posted: Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 9 PM EDT)