Changes to my web setup today

36th St area, Brooklyn, 2022-4

Today, my domain names “billsmediacommentary” and “billsnewscommentary” expired.  They will go through the normal expiration processing and disappear (as a practical matter I doubt anyone would try to get them).  Access to those sites on Bluehost is now disabled.  Access to the “billsmediareviews” and “doaskdotellnotes” will expire with the hosting contract on June 20.  The actual domain names will become orphaned but technically belong to me until Dec, 26, 2022.

All the content has been saved and I will repost some of the more popular or important movie and book reviews on the non-WP part of this site.  News stories, not so much, because I will generally write a new article on this blog when something happens of interest, like with Section 230, climate change, national security, censorship, or “critical gender theory” (yes, DeSantis, Disney, and Florida, how else to put it?)

I’ve written a summary interpretation of the current events as of today, as a new starting point, link. As far as the SCOTUS leak, it sounds like an inside job to encourage the Court to soften the originalist opinion before it becomes official.  Biden has characterized the MAGA movement as extreme (essentially soft-fascist nationalism) and warned they could try to pass laws segregating “LGBTQ” students from others in public school (according to some readings of Alito’s logic). That idea would seem to jeopardize the political peace agreement in 2010 to lift DADT in the military (that was done by Congress, not SCOTUS or the courts). 

The doaskdotell site will be pared down to contain (1) the text of the four books (2) the footnote files, including some considerable volume of new notes from the doaskdotellnotes file, which I have saved offline  (3) some materials regarding my “completed” and in-process scripts (4) index to 3rd party publications of stuff by me (5) payment processing for book copy purchases.  The latter will require fixing a problem there with the https (it is an old domain with one domain registrar and a different host, and there seems to be a problem with the CSR which makes the https fail sometimes;  that needs to be fixed technically).  However, other “gratuitous content” will be removed.  That includes the movie, book and plays reviews.  They are saved off line and more important reviews (for example some films about 9/11) will gradually be extracted for this site.

The setup I aim to have is one website for personal opinions, non-commercial, under my legal name, with the nickname used as a subdomain or separate directory.  The doaskdotell site will have mainly “commercially” related content.

Here are a couple videos from my weekend in NYC

Manhattan Bridge ride

36th street in Brooklyn (April 29, 2022, around noon), near the site of a subway attack (April 12, 2022, wiki). Had lunch in a Korean sandwich shop and the owner described the day with the police in detail to me.

(Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 7 PM EDT)

Technical Issue installing Jetpack 10.5 on some sites

Today, on each of my four WordPress blogs as well as on this one, I was invited to install Jetpack 10.5 as a plugin upgrade.

On this one this upgrade seemed to hang and spin, and when I tried to go to the site again I got interrupted with an “under maintenance” message.

About five minutes later it had finished and the site was available.

On the other four WordPress blogs on another host, I got a fatal error immediately and an email informing of a technical issue. But when I went back into the control panel each time, it had done the update and Jetpack 10.5 had been installed OK.

(Posted: Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 10 PM ESR)