Bret Weinstein doubles down on COVID origins and vaccine testing; Ballen presents Alibaba’s proposal for (soft and voluntary) climate-change social credit (personal carbon footprint scores)

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Bret Weinstein is interviewed by Freddie Sayers of the Unherd, as Bret says, “I Will Be Vindicated About COVID“.

Weinstein insists that it is reckless to give mRNA vaccines to younger adults if not otherwise at great risk of severe disease.  He is critical of big Pharma’s business models. He insists that there has not been enough time to reasonably guess whether these vaccines will have now undetected long term effects on young adults.

My own impression from reading a lot, however, is that the risk even to young adults is greater if they get infected. 

Even Omicron seems to be more severe in the unvaccinated.  In the vaccinated and boosted, it often is very trivial and goes away within a day as a breakthrough.

On his own Darkhorse Podcast Clips he is interviewed by British reported Neil Oliver,  Her Weinstein insists we must reverse engineer the origin of the original strains in late 2019.  We won’t know how to properly assess vaccines, treatments, and other policies (like lockdowns) until we do. He is right in that until we know exactly how the Wuhan strains arose in late 2019 (maybe even sooner), we won’t be able to reliably predict how future variants could behave. Michael Mina has written recently on Twitter that the SARS_CoV2 is “baby virus” relative to humans and will mutate more than older viruses until it finds an optimal configuration for durable spread. This may be accompanied with less virulence (like common colds) but not necessarily.

Also, May 30, Mallen Baker discusses the proposals for a “green social credit system, apparently proposed at Davos by a Chinese company called Alibaba.

The basic idea is a “personal carbon footprint tracker”, which could eventually become quasi-mandatory and dystopian.

People could get incentives or credits for certain behaviors. 

Since I travel alone a lot this could really affect me.  I resist “podification”. 

(Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 at 11:30 PM EST by John W. Boushka)

Annoying ads on

annoying ad for a long expired service

A couple days ago, when I was in (run by IBM, I thought), and I was trying to get the 10-day forecast for my location, I kept getting served an ad regarding the expiration of my McAfee services (that happened 15 years ago on another computer, as I went to other products (Webroot, for a long time). Now I have Trend Micro. But the best product tends to change every year. You have to keep up with it. (I’ve had Kaspersky before, but it is too connected to Vladimir Putin’s hairless-chested horseback rides.)

I was only able to get the ad to go away by blocking the ad site altogether.

(Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 11 PM EST, by John W. Boushka)