Note on the setup of my sites after restructuring (esp. for “business”)

Me (he, him, his)

I have gotten some questions about advertising, making announcements for others, and possible other business ideas in conjunction with the reorganization and downsizing of my web presence (at least the “1.0” static portion) so I thought I would state what I think I can do,

To recoup:  The 16 blogs on Blogger were removed on Jan. 3, 2022.  However select postings are gradually being restored to the “legacy” portion of this side (that is, flat html without content management) reachable at this link.  Users can contact me at the email address below if they want to request anything be reposted.

The four WordPress blogs hosted  by Bluehost are set to expire in early May, 2022.  It is a little bit complicated to explain here, and there is a chance that the two older blogs (set up in Dec. 2013;  the other two were set up in May 2016, almost six years ago) might remain until mid June.

The site “doaskdotell” remains as a “business site”, and is reserved through December 2023.  The business activities to be supported include direct book sales, links to main sites (POD at Author Solutions and also Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook).  They also include commentary on screenwriting activities as I am pursuing the possibility of films (documentary and/or conventionally casted and acted) based on the material in the books (including a pitch-fest at the end of April), support for work on music (in the sense that it might get performed), as well as new business ideas (startup support) such as data tracking or paywall consolidation.  

This site will not have its own blog.  I am finding that running multiple WordPress blogs on concurrent accounts can lead to complications. 

Instead I expect to set up a label like “doaskdotell-business” for the blog (which comes up directly from  I may create “music” and “books” subcategories on this blog.

It would be possible to make courtesy announcements under another subcategory for this label, call it “announcements”. 

But in the meantime, right now, these “business” functions are being documented on my blog, which will not be available after mid June 2022, after which it all migrates to the “doaskdotell-business” categories on the blog. 

The end result of the simplification will be at most two sites, “” (with a WordPress blog component and a legacy flat-file component) and “”.  With the exception of the “doaskdotell” label and possibly page, the johnwboushka site is the “personal” site based on a legal identity, for offering personal views on things, without too much gratuitousness.

“Business” in my context means, activity resulting in financial or “pseudo-financial” contact with consumers (which can be businesses, and which can involve crytocurrency or “likeconomics” or analytics), or activity intended to result in such. A business entity can be a non-profit and still be a “business” in this sense because it still needs to raise money or be paid somehow (for example, normally a non-profit can have a trademark).  But a business entity is separate from an individual who speaks publicly strictly under his/her (or “eir”) own personal agency. I need a grammatically singular pronoun and possessive case to define this concept!

(Posted: Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 10:30 PM EST)

So “Bill Boushka” has to go get small (as in “Downsizing”)

Today, the website “BillBoushka dot com” is supposed to have been removed by my hosting provider.  The “Bill Boushka dot me” that had served as a Google custom domain for a Blogger blog had been removed on Jan.3 when the Blogger sites were removed as part of my online downsizing as promised for the start of 2022.

The domain name (for .com) is supposed to remain mine until March 8, 2022.  I’ll come back to the possibility of reuse in a moment.

The downsizing had been “promised” in late February 2019 to take effect this year.  In early 2021 I had written a couple of posts (on the doaskdotellnotes blog) anticipating the continued use of the nickname “Bill” as a leading node on the remaining site and WordPress personal blog.  In the late summer, I determined that it would be much “safer” going forward to use only my legal name “JohnWBoushka” as a name in identifying nodes.  I won’t give all the rational right now, but visitors are likely to hear more about this issue in debates on Internet censorship policy (Section 230, and trademark law also) this year. There is likely to be more objection to domain or blog node hoarding as potentially denying opportunity to others (especially in a world so now concerned with equity).  I expect to have the conversion to the use of the legal name as completed by the early summer 2022. 

Because my books, as listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and on various other places, were written under the nickname/pseudonym “Bill” starting in 1997 (for good reason, as I needed a double life with the workplace then over conflict of interest concerns – even leading to a corporate transfer to Minneapolis in 1997 at the same time as the first book’s appearance), there still could be a reason to use the “bill” as a node out of business necessity.  In general, I would use the idea of a subdirectory or better a subdomain (“billboushka dot johnwboushka dot com) where a the “billboushka” space as a separate ip address and is connected by an appropriate coded A record.

Such necessity could come out of a pitchfest in NYC in late April this year (hopefully coronavirus has calmed down).  But it is possible that a “business only” second blog like “billboushka dot wordpress dot com” could become the most practical solution and that could be accomplished by connecting the domain name to WP with an appropriately coded A record(s).

But the general idea remains: “JohnWBoushka” (my true legal name) holds writings or videos about my own vides on things, generally non-commerically.  “doaskdotell” and any future use of the nickname “Bill” must be for “business use” only (like in the workplace generally), but supporting screenwriting efforts related to the books counts as business use because there is evidence of interest “out there”.

(Posted: Saturday, January 8, 2022 at 9 PM EST by John W Boushka)

My web presence downsizing event today

Holiday Road, Leesburg VA, Christmas Eve

Today, I have removed the sixteen blogs I had created on Bkogger in early 2006,

I have also marked the home page of the site with the former locations of the blog links, and noted other links that I consider obsolete but allowed to stay for now,

I have four other hosted WordPress blogs.  “Bill’s Media Commentary” and “Bill’s News Commentary” should remain available until about May 3, 2022 as matters stand now.  “Bill’s Media Reviews” and “Doasdotellnotes” may remain available until mid June 2022.  Posting on these blogs should continue until tax day, around April 15.

The end result by mid 2022 should be two sites: (1) A personal site in my legal name with a WordPress component and flat flies component, and “subdomains” or labels for my nickname within each, and a “business site”, the doaskdotell (name reserved through the end ios 2023) to support the books (and movie scripts derived therefrom), as well as music (make it performable and get it performed) and any possible startups (I do have one in mind).

I have saved XML backups of the 16 Blogger blogs, as well as image copies of the most important posts, and I will restore certain posts to the flat-files directories in the near future.

 have also started purging the YouTube channel (/jboushka) of the oldest low quality videos, those without names before 2014. 

The remaining WordPress blogs may occasionally (especially in the Media index) link to old Blogger posts, and these will not resolve. Obsolete doaskdotell media review links are being allowed to stay for the next few months so they will resolve from the WordPress blogs, as well as obsolete videos since 2014.

I have noticed that the WordPress Reader appears to repost only from blogs using the Gutenberg (not Classsoc) editor.  That means this blog and the Media Reviews (not the other two) should appear on the Reader for now.  The other two WordPress blogs are built with the Classic editor, although that could get pulled in 2022 and force going to Gutenberg (which I find slower to load).  Blogger had changed to a form of Gutenberg in mid 2020.

(Posted: Monday, January 3, 2022 at 5 PM RDT).

A Challenging New Year, 2022, for me at least

23rd st S Arlington VA, a spring New Years Day

Today, I waited for the rain and thunder to pass and had a delicious brunch at Freddie’s, in Crystal City in Arlington VA. I ate on the porch, with the coverings open to let in air that felt like April, not January. Socially distanced, yes, because that’s necessary now.

I will complete some administrative changes and downsizing of other sites, and soon start providing more challenging content on this blog. That will include setting up some special directories for restoring selected content from older blogs which I expect to remove Jan. 3.

Then I will start getting into challenging stuff. That may include (1) my past double life identity (which will become naturally apparent from the setup of this site), and (2) the moral aspects of my own personal agency, which do run afoul of “critical theory”.

(PostedL Saturday, January 1m 2022 at 8 PM EST)