“He’s My Brother”: In Denmark, a young woman has grown up caring for an older brother both blind and deaf

Oakwood Apts, Minneapolis, where I worked for the MN Orch 2002

Monday, August 1, many PBS stations presented a 52-minute version of the (originally 75-minute) documentary “He’s My Brother”, directed by Cille Hannibal and Christine Hanberg, about Christine’s life role as primary caregiver for her severely disabled older brother Peter, in Denmark.

PBS POV gives a link for the film, and there is a longer description on American Documentary.

He’s My Brother, trailer

Peter was born prematurely and lost his senses of hearing and sight in an incubator.  He has to navigate the world by touch, taste and smell.  He was 30 years old at the time of filming (2021).  The film starts as Christine takes Peter on a harrowing rollercoaster ride.  (Yup, there is a disaster movie based on that concept, a review another time.) 

Much of the film concerns the issue of finding some sort of permanent care home for Peter, which is very difficult even in Scandinavia. At one point they visit a family in Norway with a similarly disabled male child.

Christine, of course, did not get to “choose” this life in the way we usually think about things. Christine has conversations with mom on whether Mom should appoint her as legal guardian of Peter, and write it into her will or trust, a practice which is common and an important matter in some trusts (in the rights of beneficiaries).

The abridged film was followed by brief statements from both Cille and Christine.

When I worked for the Minnesota Orchestra in 2002-2003, there was a female coworker who had considerable sight impairment from having been left in an incubator too long after a premature birth, probably in the early 1950s. Something goes wrong with the premature baby’s oxygen supply in such instances.

I also want to share a 15 minute video, July 22, from “The Why Files”, “Visitor from a Parallel Universe | Who Was The Man from Taured? “.  The latter place turns out to be Andorra (in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain).  Maybe that tall tale sounds like one of Max Reisinger’s gap year travel videos (I’ll get to that some day). 

“Visitor from a Parallel Universe” video

The substance of the story, a “quantum superposition” from a parallel universe, reminds me of the NBC series “Manifest”, here, moved to Netflix to finish.

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