“What Is a Woman?” is a challenge to see, and there is nothing “wrong” with it

approach to Alexandria Pride, June 4

Everyone is buzzing about Matt Walsh’s new documentary produced and distributed by Daily Wire, “What Is a Woman?” (94 min, directed by Justin Folk).

When I went to the Daily Wire (conservative) site, it seemed that to watch the film at all I would have to start a monthly subscription to the publication.  Normally when you produce an important documentary, you have a third party distributor, or you make it possible for people to buy the DVD directly from your own website if no platform will take it because of culture war controversy. Really, this ought to be available to rent on Amazon on YouTube now.

I found what looked like maybe a bootlegged free version on YouTube, but it wouldn’t play! But I finally tracked down a copy posted by “Not the Boiling Frog” on the “free speech” video site, Odysee, link here (not embeddable).  There is a YT trailer.

trailer from Daily Wire

OK, there is nothing “wrong” or inappropriate by normal standards of acceptable public speech, but these are not normal times. 

Matt particularly attacks an idea popular in some woke corners, that gender can be defined in circularity. That is, a person is a woman if “they” feel like a woman.  Some of the people he interviews stick to this view.  Matt’s film makes them look bad, which is why the far Left worries that this film would lead to further marginalization of, not so much trans people as such, but emotionally insecure teens (especially girls) who believe they have some sort of gender dysphoria.

Matt really should have mentioned the Intersex issue (discussed in the previous post) in order to separate it sufficiently from the emotional hysteria that seems to spread among pre-teen girls on social media.  One of the more responsible doctors (a psychiatrist) did mention that only one in about 30,000 pre-teens (boys or girls) has true gender dysphoria without a known physiological contributing cause.  The rest is contagious hysteria. 

At the end, Matt prepares to move his family from Tennessee to Loudoun County VA (where he spoke in the school board meetings that I looked in on last summer), he asks his own wife the question.  She asks him to undo a stubborn bottle top.

Loudoun County schools, Ashburn VA, 2021-8

Some videos:

Tim Pool:

Tim Pool critique

Dr. Phil:

Dr. Phil debates Walsh

The kid who thinks “they are” a wolf (like a walrus).

any identity at all, even an animal?

In this video, Matt responds to a professor who seems to be one of his loudest critics. I wondered, why does Matt need the tattoo. Matt has made a great point in that some people (on the political extremes of both sides — that would include Trump on the right) go bonkers if they don’t get the affirmation of their beliefs and importance ratified or gratified immediately by others around them.

Bonus:  “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” from the stage Frederick Loewe musical “My Fair Lady” (I saw the movie in 1965).

song from “My Fair Lady”, “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?”

One other thing.  Today, HRC shared a link on “neopronouns”.  Look at the angry reaction on Twitter.  Non-binary people (sometimes) want to be referred to only in the plural;  they don’t want so much attention focused on what seems to the public like an individual failure. They will say everyone has a “fundamental right” to choose the name and pronouns (even number) by which they want to be known. I’ve already mentioned
“Gender Queer” ‘s solution of e, em, eir, May 6.

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  1. Matt Walsh weighs in on the idea of being called “transphobic” if you say you won’t feel attracted to trans people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X6rfHUr6PE The clown speaker is from Tik Tok, of course. Seriously, my inpatient experience at NIH in the latter part of 1962 was a variation on this idea in reverse in the days long before Stonewall. Guess what — I was the only inpatient who knew that the Cuban Missile Crisis was going on in late October.

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