My web presence downsizing event today

Holiday Road, Leesburg VA, Christmas Eve

Today, I have removed the sixteen blogs I had created on Bkogger in early 2006,

I have also marked the home page of the site with the former locations of the blog links, and noted other links that I consider obsolete but allowed to stay for now,

I have four other hosted WordPress blogs.  “Bill’s Media Commentary” and “Bill’s News Commentary” should remain available until about May 3, 2022 as matters stand now.  “Bill’s Media Reviews” and “Doasdotellnotes” may remain available until mid June 2022.  Posting on these blogs should continue until tax day, around April 15.

The end result by mid 2022 should be two sites: (1) A personal site in my legal name with a WordPress component and flat flies component, and “subdomains” or labels for my nickname within each, and a “business site”, the doaskdotell (name reserved through the end ios 2023) to support the books (and movie scripts derived therefrom), as well as music (make it performable and get it performed) and any possible startups (I do have one in mind).

I have saved XML backups of the 16 Blogger blogs, as well as image copies of the most important posts, and I will restore certain posts to the flat-files directories in the near future.

 have also started purging the YouTube channel (/jboushka) of the oldest low quality videos, those without names before 2014. 

The remaining WordPress blogs may occasionally (especially in the Media index) link to old Blogger posts, and these will not resolve. Obsolete doaskdotell media review links are being allowed to stay for the next few months so they will resolve from the WordPress blogs, as well as obsolete videos since 2014.

I have noticed that the WordPress Reader appears to repost only from blogs using the Gutenberg (not Classsoc) editor.  That means this blog and the Media Reviews (not the other two) should appear on the Reader for now.  The other two WordPress blogs are built with the Classic editor, although that could get pulled in 2022 and force going to Gutenberg (which I find slower to load).  Blogger had changed to a form of Gutenberg in mid 2020.

(Posted: Monday, January 3, 2022 at 5 PM RDT).

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