A Challenging New Year, 2022, for me at least

23rd st S Arlington VA, a spring New Years Day

Today, I waited for the rain and thunder to pass and had a delicious brunch at Freddie’s, in Crystal City in Arlington VA. I ate on the porch, with the coverings open to let in air that felt like April, not January. Socially distanced, yes, because that’s necessary now.

I will complete some administrative changes and downsizing of other sites, and soon start providing more challenging content on this blog. That will include setting up some special directories for restoring selected content from older blogs which I expect to remove Jan. 3.

Then I will start getting into challenging stuff. That may include (1) my past double life identity (which will become naturally apparent from the setup of this site), and (2) the moral aspects of my own personal agency, which do run afoul of “critical theory”.

(PostedL Saturday, January 1m 2022 at 8 PM EST)

Author: Jboushka

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