Title: The Prodigal Brother


Logline: A gay twin brother, disowned by his family, is called upon to offer an organ to his brother.




HARRY, 30, a gay unemployed writer, receives a call that his parents have died in a fire. At the reading of the will, he finds he was left out and BOB, his twin (married with kids, wife MARTHA) gets everything.  Harry is not doing well (as a waiter, “his movements are slow”).  And now he is hit by “the dead hand,” and the probate court is not too sympathetic to his past actions in the family (he could not come to his mother’s aid when she was sick, and the married brother did). 


Then BOB, a diabetic (HARRY is not, and HARRY repeatedly tests HIV negative, even by the most stringent Western Blot and antigen tests- despite some risky behaviors; perhaps Harry is naturally immune, he thinks, and supports with Internet research). Bob needs a kidney transplant, and preferably a new pancreas if one can be found. The doctor tells Barry how Bob will look on the immunosuppressive drugs (steroids). The lawyer calls Harry. The family is supposed to reconsider the will, at least in an informal matter. Harry agrees to the operation and undergoes the kidney donation. He also gets a some pancreatic cells from Harry as an experiment.   


The surgery does not go well, and the pancreas is removed. Soon, Bob gets pneumonia because of the anti-rejection medications, and even with Medicare for renal failure, his family does not have adequate medical coverage.  They put Bob to sleep and let him go when there is too much brain damage.  Harry is not particularly thrilled about helping take care of the comatose brother, although there is another married sister CHARLOTTE, 28, who would.


They read the will again. Harry gets nothing. He tries to find a cheaper place to live and finds everything unacceptable for what he wants to do (poor security, flood problems). Harry tries to negotiate with his church. He finally is allowed money only if he will give up his lifestyle and join the church.


©Copyright 2005 by Bill Boushka 


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