Treatment for screenplay Baptism

This script is a proposal for a short film. A number of characters are running an right-wing sponsored "Academy" in a rural area (West Texas) where adults who have failed in conventional society come to be "rehabilitated." The place is kind of a boot camp. People learn practical skills that will be useful in rebuilding society after a future calamity.

A young made character Tobey of graduate-student age is discussing this older man Bill, who is an Academy student. He and the Academy "faculty" are going through an intellectual exercise like a geometry proof to establish whether Bill can be rehabilitated. Tobey has been scheduled to go to a special CIA training facility in remote viewing.

Bill goes to the facility to spy on or stalk Tobey. They have a confrontation outside the grounds of the remote viewing facility. Bill leads that he must go through an initiation called a baptism, but takes satisfaction in the idea that Tobey will go through the Baptism too, and the baptism has potential erotic significance to Bill.

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