Ukraine war, neon supply and chips

Russia-Ukraine war could suddenly crimp neon (and other inert gas) and chip conduction (and therefore device and auto) supplies


Various sources are noting that the world faces a severe shortage of neon, as well as krypton and xenon, because of the war in Ukraine.

Ars Technica, on March 4, reports through 'Financial Times' Reporters, 'Low on gas: Ukraine invasion chokes supply of neon needed for'chipmaking: Production of gases used to make semiconductors at risk.', link . 50-70% of the world's supply comes from Ukraine, and maybe 90% of US supply does.

Neon is very important for etching in making semi-conductors, and some of the major facilities for providing neon are in Odessa, on the Black Sea, under Russian siege.

There some other sources in China, but in the autarky world, the US seems to be at risk for not having more production in North America. There is one supplier in Texas set up by a company called Linde. Taiwan may be involved in production, but it is at risk from possible future invasion from China.

A Financial Times link is here (new link).

Wired has a story by Morgan Heaker on Feb. 24

Oddly, this story hasn't caught the attention of mainstream media yet. I believe Ukraine (like West Texas) also supplies helium.

(Posted Saturday, March 5, 2022 by John W Boushka at 3 PM EST)