US starts moving closer to Canadian style private sponsorship of refugees (and groups have to do public fund raising)

 Farah Stockman asks in an op-ed in the NY Times, “Would you sponsor an Afghan refugee?” 

The article describes Biden’s proposals to draw on the 1980 resettlement act and some ideas as to how Canada’s private sponsorship program works (pointed out in 2016 by some videos and articles by Cato Institute’s David Bier).  Individuals, often drawn together in faith-based groups, form units to take responsibility for a refugee.  They have to pass background checks, and, surprisingly, show they can do public fundraising (I have avoided that while doing my own journalism and that’s an issue).

Kurtis Lee provides a similar discussion in the Los Angeles Times about how Vietnamese refugees (from Communism after the 1975 collapse) formed sponsorship circles to help Afghan families in dire straits




Opinion | Would You Sponsor an Afghan Refugee? - The New York Times (