The recent history of Nellie's Sports Bar in DC, and other bars in the U St area

story as of early July. 2021, archived

Following on the story June 14 about the incident at Nellie’s Sports Bar in Washington DC:  Nellie’s has been found in violation of DC code and the case is referred to the DC Attorney General.

Jasmine Hilton writes in the Washington Post, story.  

But Nellies maintains that another patron apparently struck the security guard, which complicated everything.  But the security guard identified the wrong person who had brought a drink into the bar. 

It’s unfortunate that these incidents happen with such stupid behavior. 

I was at Nellie's Feb 29, 2020, one of my last nights in a bar before the COVID shutdown.  Nats exhibition baseball was on the TV's and there were no problems and a diverse patronage. 

I was one time removed from the Gay Nineties in Minneapolis when a security guard thought I was incapacitated (in October 2001), on a Saturday night.  I went to the Saloon without incident.  The next day, a Sunday night, I talked to Nineties’ management about the incident (in person) and they thought it was just a fluke, and that it is not easy for security guards to gauge behavior and mistakes are made. 

 Update:  Metro Weekly (John Riley) reports that there were several other altercations late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, and that the bar was filled to exceeding capacity.  Some protesters want the bar to be replaced by a "black queer space", separatism.  Again, whenever I have been there, I have not witnessed any obvious misbehavior by anyone. 

Update (Jul 13):  WUSA 9 reports that Nellies has reopened with a human chain around the bar, video included in article. One video reports that the bar must implement "anti-racist" policies, but that is not the same thing as simply not abusing a patron that was there (all the more because of mistaken identity). 

Postscript: I was in the area Sunday Aug. 29, 2022 early evening. Nellie's seemed to have an almost entirely black clientelle, at least upstairs. I had to allow a pat-down to get in, which has never happened before. There was no particular announcement on their website or Facebook page indicating an event that would have called for this. I preceded to walk over to where Uproar had been (on FL ave), found a liquour license application on the door. But it seems closed now. I had been to Kiwi (small crowd) but walked over to Dirty Goose and was denied admission by the guard because he thought there was vomit on my shirt. No, it was ketchup from sloppy eating of a sub at another event earlier that day (at "As You Are" on 8th St), which turned out to be quite interesting. I do understad that bar bouncers have to be picky now given the tense social climate. I'll clean up the next time I eat sloppily. Oh, the Men's room was broke at a Regal cinema were I went to a movie late afternoon first ('Bodies, Bodies, Bodies').

There is a CVS store where Town used to be, as is the case in Baltimore with the Hippo (since late 2015)