I wanted to note the current CDC update on COVID testing, dated May 16, 2022, link.

Of particular importance would be the travel recommendations.

Testing, even for fully vaccinated and boosted people, would be required to return to the US from international travel and often to leave.

Within the United States, the guidance language reads, “All travelers: Consider getting tested as close to the time of departure as possible (no more than 3 days) before your trip.”. 

It says “Consider”.  It does not say testing is required, and generally in the past for vaccinated persons that hadn’t been thought necessary (there were rules, however, if exposed to someone).  The guidance also says to look at any requirements of your destination.  In the future, a particular state could require testing (or perhaps particularly a tribal area, as indigenous persons have experiences even more vulnerability to COVIS than others).

Of course, some private events (like wedding receptions) could want to require rapid tests to enter, and testing should be done when visiting nursing homes or hospitals or settings where you know there are specific vulnerable people (extended family gatherings indoors).

COVID19 continues to be remarkable in the moral challenges it presents, since people vary so much in susceptibility.