"Bodies Bodies Bodies" (cubed)

, directed by Halina Raijn, 94 minutes, from A24 (of course) starts out with a passionate lesbian love scene between Sophie (Amanda Stenberg) and Bee (Maria Bakalova) before they journey to an estate owned by David (SNL’s Pete Davidson) for a hurricane party.

Actually, the film was shot in Westchester County, above NYC, but the contained setting manages to look like Florida during a heavy tropical storm, and the power does go out.

The partygoers play “BBB”, a wink murder card game that sounds like an elaboration of Clue, or perhaps the forgotten 50s board game called Mr. Ree. The only 'problem' here is that there are real plots and jealousies and bad intentions among the partygoers so it becomes a real bloodbath. This doesn't have the mathematical predictability of chess, even in Gotham City.

Near the end, there is a fabulous angry conversation which seems to take apart the pretentious wokeness of all the partygoers.

The microtonal music by Disasterpeace is indeed continuously creepy.

Who will make it through the storm?

Posted: Monday Aug. 29, 2022