‘China’s Iron Fist: Xi Jinping and the Stakes for America’, a one hour documentary by Fareed Zakaria, aired on CNN one week late (after the Wisconsin incident) tonight Nov. 28 (pressroom).

The documentary described how Ci grew up a child of privilege during Mao’s Cultural Revolution; but after his family fell out of favor, Xi had to work in the countryside as a prole. Eventually he entered the CCP and gradually rose to power.  Once he had it, he was determined to enforce political unity on everyone.

Hence the situation with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, and the Uyghurs.  Xi does not allow separatism.

He describes the growth of tech giant Alibaba and the falling out of Jack Ma for criticizing Xi.

Xi’s predecessors brought China modernization after the runs of Mao’s revolutions. 

One idea that was very prominent.  China wants to control what people think, and their sense of personal agency.  In China, it is frowned upon to like the wrong cultural icons, even "privately".  One does not have a double life in China when it comes to culture and politics.  This feeds into China's developing social credit system (imagine it being on a blockchain).  JinPing wants every person in China to internalize the country's goals, even with the use of repititious and boring (musically) patriotic songs.

China continues to enforce "Zero Covid" and will lock even vaccinated people into quarantine camps and sometimes destroy their possessions.  This is particularly strict before the Feb. 2022 Winter Olympics.   The CCP Congress meets in Oct 2022.    

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