Woodland (aka Crypto) with Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon (�The 100� and Danny Reyes in �Judas Kiss�, and once called �the greatest of all time� by fellow actor Timo Descamps) is executive producer of a new adventure horror film �Woodland�, which had actually been titled �Crypto�. It�s directed by Jon Silverberg and became available for rental online Tuesday (some sources say July 28).

I had actually given a little bit to its indiegogo fundraiser, and structurally the film is a little bit summary to my own screenplay �Epiphany� in that it sets up a mystery in a remote location and refers to backstories to help solve the puzzle.

The film was shot in Port McNeill, BC and is set in 1989.Jake (Richard Harmon) takes a job as a handyman at a remote camp on the BC coast, run by the aging proprietor Sparky (Philip Granger). Jake seems like an energetic young man, although he smokes, but as the film passes we learn of his troubled past in flashbacks, with drug abuse and possible abuse of a girl friend.He sets up a dark room in a shed to develop the pictures he takes of the island, Haida Gwaii, which had been a trading post around 1800 and is thought to have been on the landbridge when humans migrated from Asia to North America across the Bering hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The time period of the movie preceded digital photography and is essential to the plot.

As he develops his pictures, Jake notices oddities which surprise him, although it�s not as clear to the audience.�� He relationship with Sparky becomes strained, too say the least, but they have to learn to get along again as a hurricane approaches.Jakes finally sees a horrifying premonition on one of the photos, and that sets up the ending (I�ll avoid the spoiler).

The mood of the film is quite sinister (the shots of the full Moon made me think of �Melancholia�) although the actual denouement is not as existential as I would have expected.But, again, the film is necessarily set in the past, three decades ago.