10 Rules for Sleeping Around

10 Rules for Sleeping Around: a farce about a frat boy and his dog.

'10 Rules for Sleeping Around' (2013, directed by Leslie Greif); is like an operatic farce, and also like a 50s situation comedy. It starts with a few NYC yuppies talking about the 'rules' for open relationships, women (Wendy McLennon-Covey and Tammin Sursok) and men (Jesse Bradford ["Swimfan"] and Bryan Callen) separate at first. The 'rules' are spelled out in the closing credits, in fact. We're also introduced to a media magnate, a Michael McKean, who talks about how to produce a best selling book (don’t preach the way I do in my 'Do Ask, Do Tell' books), and plans a big Hamptons party, complete with security guards armed with tasers to keep the undesirables out.

The people start arriving, but then we see college frat-boy Hugh (apparently Mr. Fields’s son) running around naked, chased by a pooch who seems to really like lean men. That part is in fact played by Reid Ewing, who starts out by chasing cougars before his dog gets involved. Reid provides a lot of the situation comedy, escaping detection, all of which gets pretty physical. I wondered if that was his dog in real life, because they seemed so “close”.  Remember, for 'Modern Family' Reid had produced a video 'Imagine Me Naked', and that wish is certainly satisfied here, as he looks like a high-end teen when compared visually to the other 'older' male characters at the party. (The script didn't take advantage of the girl's opportunity to 'do me' the first time his shirt rolls off.

Reid, at an interview on premier night, says he was invited to 'write' his own part (as to the actual action) for the film. His best line is the mindless 'Why me?' As for the plot, it doesn’t matter too much. The cougar is married, as are some of the guys, but in time the 'jealousy' is complicated by bisexuality and drag. What started out as ordinary heterosexual romp (like Gossip Girl) gradually gets gay, especially with the help of Mr. Fields. Is this supposed to be a 'Rocky Picture Horror Show'? The film premiered at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood in 2013. (I’ve never been in it, but I’ve driven past it enough times.) It’s available on Amazon Instant Play for $3.99 rental.  I would recommend the $4.99 HD rental if your computer supports it and you really care about makeup details.

Reid's short film Bulletproof Picasso (2015).

Would be good to see more of him again.