The Horseman (gay porn film with a real story)

“The Horseman”: a look at a gay “porn” movie with a “legitimate” story idea that could have worked well

I had reviewed a 43-minute “legitimate” (not hard core porn) film called “The Horseman”, apparently based on a much longer “porn” film (139 minutes) originally released in 2013 on porn sites, from Rocy Candy films and female director Nica Noelle.  The legacy review of the “short” is here.

I got curious to see what was let out, how far they took this, so I went to “Gay Hot Movies” and set up an account to rent it.  It involved setting up an account on “hotmovies”, and purchasing a set amount of time (first twenty minutes free). I wound up paying for 150 minutes, $19.95, to a company called Vodbill.  That’s a little high for an online film rental.  But their business model is to sell time slots of explicit porn, and to sell clips to own copies of (in a cloud).

I had some trouble.  The first login didn’t work, the second try did.  The video stopped playing a few times, the first time shortly after twenty minutes even though I had paid.

The film starts out in a sweet style as if it were going to be a legitimate indie art film, and indeed the underlying story line would encourage it to be such.  A young gay lawyer inherits a trust and decides to buy a ranch and go out into the southern California, with his naïve wife.  As he gets there, all the other men who somehow show up are, gay, some of them very “masculine”.  This is a “cis male” world. The wife invites her sister for a visit, and it seems both of them have gay husbands, and what they seem to aim for is a club for women married to manly gay men who want each other more than they want their wives – the latter for lineage creation.

The long film comprises all the 43-minutes of “non-porn” drama and encounters, with five sequences where two men have a lengthy intimate encounter.  One of these is a flashback sequence in the lawyer’s old office and is shorter.  But the others are carried through to physical climaxes. The final sequence is between the lawyer and his leading ranchhand (after a trite conversation about taking leave from the job;  the longest sequence, in the middle, concerns another character who crashes at a friend’s house when his wife doesn’t want him around. (That sequence has been excerpted a few times on YouTube gay channels.) o  I won’t give details here, but they are what “active” men might expect (I have never been that capable of such physicality).  There are no pretensions of health precautions in the film, but that isn’t what it’s for.

I supposed if you want to make a film like this, it might be more productive to have a story more focused on a closeted gay character’s conflict, and reach some unusual erotic conclusion.  The road trip “horror” movie format may suit that idea better.

(Posted: Wednesday, June 16, 2021  at 5 PM EDT)