"The Path: Afterlife" from the Monroe Institute

In the summer of 2014 I had ordered a few DVD's from the Monroe Institute, which I would visit during the daytime in August 2014 (I got there - 20 miles south of Charlottesville W of US 29) too late to attend but explored the groupds). I seem to have lost them in the move from the house and lost the writeups that had been on Bills Media Reviews.

On Amazon Prime I found the 70-minute film ($3.99 to rent) The Path: Afterlife, 2009, directed by Michael Habernig, produced by April Hannah, from Path 11 Films and the Monroe Institute. The film interviews a number of people at MI, such as Skip Atwater, William Buhlman, Carol Kaneri, and Hillary Raimo.

Atwater makes the observation that you will be concerned with "where you are". You will be in a soul family in a separate reality (other quantum dimensions?) and might volunteer for another incarnation, where you will have cancer, to learn compassion, or to face dealing with hostility imposed on you by others, possibly war or violence.

One woman describes what it was like to "awaken" from an NDE caused by a lightning strike.