"Street War: Charlottesville"

In August 2017 and following months, Ford Fischer (with his company News2Share, of which now Fox News Foreign Correspondent Trey Yingst, covering Ukraine, is a cofounder) made several documentary videos on Charlottesville. In one of them, he traced his steps the morning before the violence and even spotted the car that Alex Fields would use in the street assault that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer. He arrived at the scene of the incident about a minute or so after she was struck, as I recall from other videos.

The best of the videos and most edited is "Street War: Charlottesville", "A News2Share Documentary".

Ford has a new video March 11, 2022 Activism Uncensored: The People's Convoy, 27 min, produced by TK News and News2Share, as discussed by Matt Taibbi on his substack substack link. There is mention of Section 230 near the end. But this refers mainly to the trucker Covid restrictions protest when it came to thr DC area Beltway.

These videos were placed on the "cf" blog, or "Films on major challenges to freedom".