“Bill Boushka” nickname.

“Bill” is a nickname derived from my middle name “William” from “John William Boushka”. Born 1943.

I have normally been known by that nickname socially.

Since the publication of my first book in 1997, I have used it as an author name or pen name (as for the “do ask do tell” series.

Then “JohnWBoushka” domain was always a resume domain for the IT job market until I renewed it in late 2021.

By mid 2022, all my sites and blog names will use my legal name.  That means all other blogs will go offline by mid 2022.  I will keep visitors informed as to the transition.

The book author names on retail sites such as Amazon on BN can continue to use the nickname Bill.

My own “business name” for the books is “doaskdotell”.     From that other names (like doaskdotellnotes and doaskdotellbook3) have been derived. 

Soon, further details will be posted at this link.  https://johnwboushka.com/pseudonymbill/index.htm

(Jan. 2, 2022).