Can an experienced music composer improve the music of a younger composer?

Patuxent River, MD, daytrip today

I want to share the video “Beginner v. Pro Composer: Can You Hear the Difference?

23-year old Dutch composer Frank Rener has composed a waltz-like movement for woodwind quintet, for his girl friend Leka.  It runs about 5 minutes and could have been conceived as a movement of a multi-movement work.  It is in G Major.

British Composer David Bruce “rewrites” it with a few changes.  He gradually increases the combinations and registers of instruments during the exposition section.  He varies the passage work style and makes it a little more contrapuntal, with more augmentation and embellishment, in the B and C sections before the return to the initiation section, making it more story-like.  He does say that most composition is like “storytelling”.

Frank and Leka travel to London to hear a professional consort play the revised composition.

My own “Third Sonata”, completely sketched and maybe 80% entered into Sibelius, is more in line with his recommendations than any of my early work.  But I started composing the Sonata in Dec. 1961, after my own William and Mary expulsion, while at home, waiting to start at GWU.  It is a long journey.  It is mentioned in my latest screenplay effort inspired by the incident (and my DADT books), “Williamsburg and Charlotte, which I presented at the recent Author Solutions Pitchfest.

I could mention a 2010 composition by Timo Andres “It Takes a Long Time to Become a Good Composer“, for solo piano, based on Schumann, which I heard premiered in NYC on December 11, 2010, a few days before my own mother’s passing, writeup. (Well, it does take a long time.)

One other thing: I made an errand in the Ballston Quarter today when I returned and setup a position (Two Knights Defense), where Black is winning:

A young man came by and “challenged” me to a game. I had the W pieces. A spectator crowd accumulated as it started to rain. Here was the final position (recreated at home):

Final position, back rank threat? Or does the pin win for W?

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