Substitute teachers walk out in “day of absence” when needed to keep schools open

I used to work as a substitute teacher (2004-2007) and also grader, in northern Virginia. I’ve covered my controversial experiences in other posts before.

Substitute teachers did not need to have teaching licenses in Virginia, which was a surprise when I moved back to Virginia from Minnesota (which did) in 2003. It appears that Maryland does not, and the DC website says at the end that Washington DC does not (for the lower paid positions).

So I was somewhat impressed by the story of a DC subs “day of absence” in WJLA7.

True, pay is an issue. And now, subs have an issue with dealing with child safety with respect to public health (coronavirus) and, based on incidents around the country for the past decade and more, safety.

It’s all ironic to me, to say the least.

(Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2022 by John W. Boushka)

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