· Right of privacy (or the “right to be left alone”)

· To become a parent and have a family

· To vote (?) 

· Freedom of speech

· Freedom of religion

· Freedom of the press (probably where the “press” is credentialed; the freedom to make information available to the public is not equivalent to freedom of speech)

· Don’t have to quarter soldiers

· Right to bear arms

· No unreasonable search and seizure

· No detention without charge

· No self-incrimination

· No double jeopardy

· Due process of law (procedural or substantive)

· Access to counsel

· Trial by jury (civil and criminal)

· No cruel or unusual punishment

· Writ of habeas corpus

· No ex post facto law

· No involuntary servitude

· Equal protection of the law

· Life, liberty, property

· Right of publicity and “freedom” from libel (as a “property right”)

· When voting is set up by a state, no discrimination

* Personal autonomy (debatable with some scholars)