Part 2: Sexual Orientation and gender identity flow

1.       Basics: Epigenetics causes wide variety of behaviors among humans and mammals

2.       Gender identity :  cis, fluid, trans  (fluid more common with women, fluid not as accepted in the past when gender was seen as binary).

3.       Sexual orientation – most gay men are cis and physically competitive, more common in second sons or later.

4.       Polarity extends gender

5.       Sissy” is actually a special case of cis  and tends to relate to upward affiliation, sometimes lack of sympathy of other sissies, ironic paradox leading to body fascism

6.       As a child, noticed that society had basic expectations of men

7.       Preoccupied with my own development and stable station in life, keeps need to deal with others at bay for a while

8.       Men protect women and children, and must remain somewhat fungible doing so in groups with little body modesty until married parents themselves. (“Women and children first”)  connects to male-only conscription and eventually “don’t ask don’t tell”.

9.       Only women are to be noticed for physical beauty

10.   Men tend to keep their bodies less conspicuous, which may make it easier for some men to find women as mates.

11.   Connect sexual interest to gender-normed economic norms and family; when men are married with kids, they often expect secondary meaning and power and vicarious immortality (connection to tradition)

12.   Looking role models   smart and cis, as indicative of inherent virtue

13.   Only child, so epigenetics argument doesn’t work as well for me

14.   Fascinations led eventually to “got sexually excited by

15.   Meaning of attachments, especially if you’re not competitive yourself

16.   Worthiness of others affects sense of reward in interactions

17.   Most men learn protective behavior by courting women, I didn’t

18.   From looking at my own reactions, I believe I might have married and had children had I been more competitive, but then sought make companions later.

19.   Recall rank and yank mentality, or well-orderedness, and fixation on it.

20.   Less secure men may seek examples from others they perceive as like themselves

21.   Less secure men may infer insult by my upward affiliation with obvious cis males

22.   Marriage and family came to look like an afterthought compared to personal exrpession

23.   Less secure men find marriage requires sacrifice that is easier if everybody has to do it.

24.   Public Health sequence:  HIV, chain letter and amplification diversion

25.   Tribunals

26.   Be Brave and Shave and maybe experience losing it.

27.   Selection standards seem arbitrary and dictated  and may have a race influence

28.   Rapture vs Leftovers

29.   My novel and movie plots – I slip by  or get away with it

30.   Ritual survival

31.   No sense of meaning in simply providing for another in need   (procreation, skills)

32.   Morality comprises both fidelity and actual commitment

33.   I’m in

34.   You made it