Part 0 of “Do Ask, Do Tell”: Connecting the Dots” or “Keeping then Honest

1.       What I’ve done with my writings:  Connect the dots”.  

2.       What I want?  Recognition for being “special” > “different”?

3.       Demand critical thinking  instead of meek following and pretended leadership

4.       Use “inductive reasoningbased on own personal experiences:

5.       Develop, “How should ‘specials’ behave?”

6.       Station in life :   assigned, mathematically implied, karma, meritocracy

7.       I was good at content production, indifferent at providing for others , plays out differently today than during coming of age   (sidebar)

8.       Individuals must start out by fitting into home groups and then may migrate

9.       The People” (or “A People”) matters

10.   Groups may be vertical or horizontal

11.   Authoritarians want to manage station In life to maintain stability, because+ world is unequal and perilous

12.   Persons are expected to develop intradependence within the group(s)

13.   Call for sacrifice and bullet-taking  otherwise others make sacrifices in your stead

14.   For individual, sacrifice is what it is, and cannot be presumed to be honorable

15.   Groups gain advantages from conflict or competition with other groups, and individuals inherit the benefits or losses (or privilege). : karma

16.   Don’t pimp victimhood;  getting back up starts with you  (“blaming the victim”)

17.   Mandatory personal altruism does tend to reduce total inequality and promote stability

18.   Jesus first, others second, me last” is a Sunday school slogan, but we were less generous outside family in the past than today.

19.   Selfishness is necessary for innovation and gradual rise in common standard of living

20.   Sacrifice is necessary for change, and sacrifice bears on station in life

21.   Two levels of personal morality:  contribution, and harmlessness

22.   Need to belong,  easier if parent ;  brotherhood

23.   Social capital is compulsory; 

24.   Rightsizing  (or deservedness) of people promotes stability

25.   But Rightsizing can also be associated with bigotry (or moral “dark energy”). (or Bullying)

26.   Contribution requires risk-sharing and vulnerability sharing (opposing cowardice)

27.   Resistance or protest is sometimes necessary

28.   Vortex or moral low-pressure:  Virtue can invite sadism

29.   “Natural social capital” (even “Natural family”) hides the moral vortex

30.   Balancing these factors leads to personal integrity and proxy for equality

31.   “Groups” (especially families) may have distributed consciousness and provide vicarious immortality.