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The following are the four chapters (4-7) that composed "Part 2" of my original submission to a literary agent (it happened to be Mark Sullivan Assosciates) in NYC in the late spring of 1996. These were removeed and replaced by Chapters 3, 5, and 6 in the DADT-1 book before it was published first in July 1997.

Chapter 4, "Morality's Third Normal Form"

Chapter 5, "Family Values: Let's Have an Honest Debate"

Chapter 6, "A Fair and Prosperous Workplace"

Chapter 7, "Personal Autonomy: A New 'Dawn of Man'"

NIH Patient record 1962

Documentary proposal outline

Video outline 0

Video outline 1

Video outline 2

Video outline 3

Fundamental rights, substantive due process, standards of review

Kinds of Rights

Original Right

Examples of Original Rights

Fundamental Right

Examples of Fundamental Rights

Social Right

Collective Right

Expressive Right


FDR's Second Bill of Rights, Economic Bill of Rights, and Four Freedoms

Turf Venn Diagram



These are concepts that I drew up in conjunction with my �Bill of Rights 2� proposal. They are not related to any particular document(s) or court opinion(s).

Content of my DADT books. It may take some time for me to get all the links working. (July 2, 2022)

Do Ask, Do Tell I: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back (1997, 2000)

Do Ask, Do Tell II: When Liberty Is Stressed (2002)

Do Ask, Do Tell III: Speech Is a Fundamental Right, Being listed to Is a Privilege (2014)


Pitchfest video April 30, 2022

Our Fundamental Rights(1998)

Special Essays

"The Privilege of Being Listened to" (2005)

"White Paper: Employment and Conflict of Interest Online" (2000)

"Self-Publishing: A Personal Perspective" (2002)

"Intellectual Property Outline" (2004)