He said to me, you’ll vote for me, care for me, and only then follow me.


“I peek at my gams and calves, and close them, then fix on his”

Put your thumb in the hold in my hand;

You have to stare at my wrists

“I drink the King’s wine, but I don’t want to see my buddies go down”

Blessed are those who believe even when they cannot see, let alone follow and stare.


“What must I do to get involved, to amount to something?”

Don’t pander me.

“What must I do to copy you?”

Don’t pander me.

Blessed are those who are not afraid to feel

(Don’t give away your home; you need it.  Invite the losers in.)

“Like a sleep led to slaughter”

God protects you. 

Only God is good, only God protects the herd.


Drink! Drink! Drink!

The lay back and bask in your heroes

Their clay feet shatter from brittleness

If a man gets fat or his legs go bald, is he still a man?



Oh, Why do I feel so high when with him

When I just see him, he is me.

I am just like a nothing without him like a picture

Oh, why do I feel so high when I am with him,

He is not me, why can’t Me be Me

I am my riches because I collect them

I do things just to have seen them, just to have been there, logged them.

But my heroes aren’t me.


I don’t rub myself with Nair

I dawdle over porcelain.

I don’t want hippy bangs or tattoos.

But my “girl friend” wants me to have them.