Original Music Scores by me


Minuet in E Major (1957)  2 pages, about 1 min, link

Sonata #1 in A, "Classical", (1957), 4 movements, about 12 minutes  Links to Movements (PDF): 1, 2, 3, 4

Sonata #2 in D Minor (1959)  27 pages, 4 movements, about 25 min, link

Sonata #3 in C (1961-1974; 2013), 4 movements, about 50 mins: Links to Movements (PDF): 1, 2, 3, 4

Opening tocatta theme of Sonata 3 Finale, as an invention, 2 min: PDF    MP3

Polytonal prelude  4 min  PDF   NewPDF   Coda

Chorale theme, B Major, from 3rd Movement of Third Sonata (1962).  PDF  MP3   new PDF

Impromptu in A Minor (1956), reconstructed PDF MP3

The following are "miniature" or "short piece" extracts from a Symphony-cantata sketched around 1974, suitable for solo piano.

SU102 Fanfare

Su2DfC Psalms 133  D-flat and C   mp3

Su401 Scherzo, large E Major

Su402F  Scherzo. F Major

Su501DSongV2   Song, "He Said to Me", D Major

Su502C Song, "Doubting Thomas", largely A Minor, very modal

Su503D Song "Rich Young Ruler"

Su504Bf  Song "Drinking Song"

SuD505   Song "Obsession, Upward Affiliation"

Su506Bf   Song "Losing It", B-flat   mp3  Newer Pdf1   rev2   concl

Su601G  Hymn, G Major   mp3

Su602Ef   Hymn, E-flat   mp3

Su603Af  Hymn, A-flat

Su604Df   Hymn D-flat

Su605fm   Hymn  Transition F Minor

Sym2Mv5   Sketch of Sym 2 finale, orignally a 3/8 rondo, allegretto, gradually turning triumphant

Su701Fs Applause Theme:  Modulations F#-Eb-Cmi-C-Am-A-F#m-F#    mp3

Su702CfromFs  Applause Coda  F#-D-F#-Ab-c#-diminishedsevenths-C   mp3

Lyrics for songs

Sketch: Symphony #1, E Minor (1962, 1974, 2012)  PDF's

First Movement: Allegro  E Min

Second Movement: Adagio,  A Min

Third Movement: Scherzo  C# Min

Finale: Maestosos  E Maj

Template for finishing Sonata 3

Short Pieces

Organ piece by me in B-flat called "Losing It" from a proposed cantata Played Aug. 2016 at the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC after a service.

Piano pieces played by me on piano in private home music party 2022/8/6: Adagio Religioso in B, second theme from slow movement of Sonata III, theme composed in 1974 I think.

Second theme from finale of Sonata III, theme in F# (home key of movement in C, a tritone away)