Marker for a subdomain

Depending on future developments in 2022, especially with screenwriting activities or book promotion, there could arise a need to create an addressable online name starting with the nickname (as used in the books).  Presumably this would be done with renting another IP address and pointing to it with an A record.   But it would not be a separate domain, in terms of how it is publicly navigated.

This subdirectory is a marker to that potentiality.  See also the “pseudonym” subdirectory for more details.

A visitor may simply proceed to the Wordpress page for JohnWBoushka now to learn more.  (This replacement blog is under development.  You may see it forward to a wpcomstaging link.)

I expect to code the dsn for this as a true subdomain soon ( 

(Posted: Thursday, January 6, 2022;  last updated Saturday, September 17, 2022).