John W. Boushka, Items Previously Published by Others

(legal name: John William Boushka)

My two books and this web page are "self-published." The following items by me have been published by others:

A portion of Chapter 3 of my first DADT book (1997) (Do Ask Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back) was reproduced by The Ninth Street Center with permission. The links are no longer there. Today the sites are and �� My own copy of the chapter is here (to be moved soon).

My review of Paul Rosenfels�s book Homosexuality: The Psychology of the Creative Process was at one time republished by the Ninth Street Center with permission. My own site copy is here (to be moved soon).

Oak Lawn Counseling Center, Summer 1983, AIDS information pamphlet (with advice of a family practice physicisn).

Ground Zero News (PO Box 1982, Colorado Springs, CO, 80901) Frank Whitworth was the editor when these items were published (around 1994).

1994, "A Question of Honor" (Review of Joe Steffan's Honor Bound, as published by Villard in 1992).

Jan. 1995 "Perils of Rebuttable Presumptions"

March 1995 "Military Ban: Constitutional Questions and Policy Proposal," including June 1993 White House Letter.

September 1995. "A Gay Libertarian's Viewpoint: Limited Government, Social Justice, and Personal Freedom: It's Time for a Real Right-to-Privacy Amendment"

January 1996: "Debating Family Values Honestly" (also printed by the newsletter of the Baptist Fellowship of Washington DC, 1810 16th St. NW, 20009)


Forward Observer, published by Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Veterans of America, editor Mack Thomas

PO Box 97 Plainville, Ill 62365-0097.

Summer 1995 "Thoughts on the Ban, A Libertarian View," similar to March 1993 GZN article.

Winter 1998 "Ninth Inning for the Military Ban" (available here).


Minnesota Libertarian, published by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota,

May-June 1998: "To Win Converts We Must Win Arguments" (available here or here), became Appendix 7 of Our Fundamental Rights

October 1998: "Is Libertarianism Good for Lesbians and Gay Men" (available here), became Appendix 8 of Our Fundamental Rights

July 1999: "Child Online Protection Act Would Suppress Adult Free Speech" (available here)

March 2000: �Don�t Ask, Don�t Tell 2000 (available here)


The Quill, published by Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty (website no longer valid). Dave Edmondson was editor until January 1995, when I became Editor. Address is PO Box 65743, Washington DC 20035-5743. Visit HPPUB's Quill link, which links to the GLIL's site's copies of The Quill.I remained editor until 1999.

Here is the index to the archive of Quill�s at hppub.

August 1994 "A Conservative's Approach to Individual Rights and Responsibilities" (available here)

October 1994: "A Question of Honor" (same as December 1994 Ground Zero News). (available here)

March 1995: Editorials: "The Workplace" and "On the Military Ban"

September 1995: Editorial: "Talk Radio"

August 1996: "A Right to Privacy Amendment?" (available here)

July 1997: Editorial: "Crossroads for Freedom of Speech"

March 1998: "What's the Connection Between Personal Growth and Politics" (available here) and "Real Estate Paradoxes" (available here).

December 1998: "The Child Online Protection Act" and "Psychological Libertarianism"

Quill's between 1995 and March 1998 all contain a news summary section, "What's Happening in Our World" which I write.




The Washington Times has published four Letters to the Editor by me. They are (1) Jan. 8 1993, "Clinton simply wants to stop the anti-gay witch hunts" (2) October 13, 1993 "Military had a habit of ending careers because of rumors" (3) Jan. 2, 1995 "What kind of people should be in our armed forces (4) July 1996 "family values". The first three of these are reproduced in the Do Ask Do Tell book Appendix.

US News and World Report, Blue Chip, published a letter by me on "gay witchhunts" on September 30, 1996. The Navy Times published essentially the same letter in September, 1996. See DADT Appendix.

D-Magazine (Dallas, Texas) published my letter "AIDS: Rights and Responsibility" in December, 1985. This is available here.

The Washington Blade published my "paraphrase of the military ban" on Dec. 20, 1996 (available here).

Minneapolis City Pages, letter on military recoupments, Aug 25, 1999 (available here)

�Business Ethics, Professionalism, and the Workplace: Information Systems (1997): published at, no longer available (Three Rivers Community College, Norwich, Ct)

I also developed (for hire) a multiple choice test for Brainbench in 2002 (25 questions) in Microsoft Access, but I no longer have it; the copyright belongs to them. I did ask a question about "conflict of interest" over Internet speech that got their attention!

Apparently the 1997 link was for this item:�� available here


Public speaking engagements: ("Public speaking is very easy." Al Gore (or was it Dan Quayle??), Oct. 1995)

February 25, 1998, at Hamline University, following Libertarian Party of Minnesota Executive Committee meeting, videotaped and broadcast several times on "Liberty," Minnesota (cable) Public Access. 57 Minutes.

March 31, 1999, at the University of Minnesota Campus Libertarians. 70 Minutes.

I am published in an anthology:


Wells, Ken R. Teenage Sexuality: Opposing Viewpoints. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press, 2006. ISBN 0737733632

I have a contribution on p. 183 'Homosexuality Should Be Discussed in High Schools', in a chapter called 'What Should Teens Be Taught About Sex?' p 168

Amazon link: This is part of the Opposing Viewpoints Series.


The original essay text was this: July 1997: "Editorial: Teaching about Homosexuality in Public High Schools"

Much older publications:

"Family Men," in The Gay Old Times, Rutgers Gay Alliance, New Brunswick NJ, August 1974.l What I recall in the short essay was my perception of conventional society's demand that I become a "family man".

"Freedom and Personal Responsibility," Understanding, Tonopah, Az, May 1978 (along with other Understanding links).

Master's Thesis for M.A. Degree in Mathematics, Jan. 1968, at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Introduction to Master's Thesis

Minimax Rational Function Approximation

Furthermore, a reconstructed freshman English theme for the 1961 class discussed in the book, regarded as "third party" since it is an academic assignment.

What Is Friendship?

Interview of me by "Call Me Ignorant #24" on Bitchute: Interview of me June 2019. OK, Youtube has a problem with this and needs to be on a "free-speech" platform"? That is wokeness.

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